Laboratory cabinets

Laboratory 911097 with lights

INOX REMOVABLE TRAY, INOX BASIN WITH WATER MIXER Color mixing utility center from water-proof frame and stainless steel top.
Top of the unit is solid one piece from inox. Comes complete with water mixer, inox basin and removable inox tray. Inside working place is lighted with fluorescent lights under the working area, providing good visibility. The lower section of the unit has six spacious drawers with heavy duty ball bearing sliders. Both sides of the units are supplied with two waste containers for separated waste collection: one for empty color dye tubes, other one for mixed waste.
The upper section is supplied with four self-assembled units. Inside of the top units are removable storage dividers for color dyes in washable acrylic material. Complete unit is shipped on three shipping palettes with selfassembly


Laboratory 911098  with lights


Laboratory 910816C